Beginners' Guide To Betting

Many view having a bet as an integral part of their day at the races. This page aims to give newcomers a basic guide to betting so that when you come racing you'll feel confident to have a go yourself.

See our guide beneath about how to place a bet with a racecourse bookmaker or download the Go Bet easy betting guide.

Redcar Racecourse - Go Bet Easy Betting Guide

GBR 'Fancy a Flutter' Guide to the Betting Ring (youtube video)



At least 10 minutes before each race goes off canny racegoers will have already left the Paddock to place their bets (either in the outside Betting Ring or at one of the many Tote booths) and secure a good view on the track. Allow five to 10 minutes to do both; don't leave it too late as bets cannot be taken once a race starts.

Before each race you can visit the Betting ring where you can bet with one of the racecourse bookmakers, who offer a variety of odds on the runners for each race.  Check several bookmakers as some may offer better odds for your horse.


How to place a bet with a racecourse bookmaker:


  1. Pick your Racehorse, look around for the best odds on course, try to proffer the correct stake money for your wager.
  2. Ask the Bookmaker for your bet, state theracecard number of your chosen horse.
  3. Listen to the bookmaker repeat your bet to his clerk, correct bookmaker if he makes a mistake and receive your Betting Ticket as areceipt for your bet.
  4. Should your horse happen to win, present your betting ticket to the bookmaker, check your winnings.
  5. Check with the bookmaker when placing your bet. Place terms are no longer applicable.  Bookmakers may now bet to non-standard terms, but must display this clearly.
  6. In the unlikely event of a dispute after adhering to this procedure, the bookmaker
  7. will tell the punter to approach the Ring Official, who will advise the racegoer as to his rights.
  8. Some course bookmakers have minimum stakes.e.g. £1, £5 or £10 but small backers are catered for in the racecourse Betting Shops.
Unauthorised Bookmaking
It is a condition of entry to this racecourse that only individuals in possession of a valid betting badge and occupying an authorised pitch are entitled to lay bets in the course of their business. Any individual found contravening these conditions will be evicted.

The Customer Service Charter for On-Course Bookmakers

On-course Bookmakers and Racing for Change are working together on a Customer Services Charter. Bookmakers who have agreed to the terms of the Charter will display a gold flag on their boards so you can easily recognise them.

Betting is an integral part of the customer’s day at the races and the interaction that they have with on-course bookmakers defines the experience for many visitors. On-course bookmakers and the racecourses recognise this and have designed this Customer Service Charter to help ensure that customers receive the level of customer service that they expect and deserve.

This is a voluntary code. Those bookmakers that have signed up to this Charter can be identified by the prominent display of a gold flag above their odds display boards.
If you want to experience the level of customer service that the racecourses believe that you deserve then please look out for the gold flag.

The gold flag logo signifies that the Bookmaker has agreed to the following:

Service Levels

1. Make all customers feel welcome and deal with them politely and efficiently and answer any questions constructively.

2. Assist inexperienced racegoers, when time allows, and help to educate them on betting and racing.

3. Provide customer service feedback to the racecourse so that the views of racegoers are discussed pro-actively between the bookmakers and racecourses to ensure that the experience of attending a race meeting is an enjoyable one.

Terms of Betting

4. Bet in accordance with the Rules of Betting as published by the Tattersalls Committee. In particular, bookmakers will clearly display if they are betting win only on a particular race. Where bookmakers accept each-way bets the terms will be (or will be better than):

  • Fewer than 5 runners - All to Win
  • 5-7 runners - 1/4 odds on place 1-2
  • 8 or more runners - 1/5 odds on place 1-2-3
  • Handicaps with 12-15 runners - 1/4 odds on place 1-2-3
  • Handicaps with 16 or more runners - 1/4 odds on place 1-2-3-4

A bookmaker that signs up to this Charter must adhere to these rules at each race meeting and in respect of each race at a race meeting. A bookmaker cannot select individual races or days on which he/she wishes to abide by the terms of this Customer Charter and must offer the above level of customer service at each race meeting at which they do business.


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