The information below is correct at 12pm on Tuesday 17 March.

At Redcar Racecourse the safety and welfare of our visitors, racegoers, participants and team is paramount. We are keeping up to date with the latest information and advice from the Government (READ GOVERNMENT GUIDANCEand the BRITISH HORSERACING AUTHORITY  (BHA) and have a team ready to implement recommended actions.

The British Horseracing Authority have today announced that all racing is to be suspended until the end of April, which includes the cancellation of our meetings on Monday 6th April, Easter Monday and Thursday 30th April. You can see the statement in full here.

We are discouraging any non-essential visits to the course, and we are advising any visitors to the Redcar Racecourse site to follow official government public health advice. As part of our responsibilities to our visitors, the following are in place:

As part of our responsibilities to our visitors, the following are in place:

  • Redcar Racecourse is well served with places for people to wash their hands and this will be supplemented with antibacterial hand cleanser dispensers, as appropriate.
  • Posters are around the racecourse as a reminder of public health advice, which includes washing your hands regularly with soap and hot water, or using antibacterial gel.
  • Potential visitors are required to follow government guidance. Click here to read more on the website.
  • The catering team are independently audited and are 5 star rated for their hygiene and processes; this is an area where everyone is mindful of their increased responsibility given the current circumstances.
  • As a further reassurance to customers additional cleaning regimes have been put in place, additional emphasis has been placed on surfaces and doors.
  • Redcar Racecourse will continue to follow advice from World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health England. READ GOVERNMENT GUIDANCE.


Can I get a refund?

For all bookings for our cancelled meetings, including hospitality that were made directly with Redcar Racecourse, a full refund will be offered and will go directly back onto the card you booked with within 7-10 working days – you do not need to take any action. Customers who have purchased through third parties should contact that organisation.

For details of the cancellation and abandonment policies see

Organisers of non raceday events are asked to contact the team to discuss their specific circumstances.

Where Redcar Racecourse is the venue for an event but not the organiser, people are asked to contact that event organiser or to seek advice from where they purchased any tickets.

What happens after April?

For all racing bookings, including hospitality bookings that were made directly with Redcar Racecourse, you will be given the opportunity to carry a booking forward to later racedays or receive a full refund. Customers who have purchased through third parties should contact that organisation.

What will happen if I’m an annual badge holder?

At present, horse racing is suspended until the end of April. We will be reviewing annual badge costs when we know the number of meetings that have been affected. Racing will hopefully resume in May, but we will not know the full picture for a while yet, and so I ask you to bear with us. Public health is our number one priority.

Ensuring we are not endangering public health through any of our activities is our number one priority.



As per the guidance, attendees should note that anyone who has travelled to a Category 1 location, whether they have symptoms or not, should self-isolate at home (or at their temporary residence if they are not at home) and MUST NOT attend the Redcar Racecourse in any circumstances.

Anyone who has a relevant travel or contact history in Category 2 location (VIEW RELEVANT LOCATIONS) and is concerned that they might have symptoms also MUST NOT attend the Redcar Racecourse in any circumstances, and should contact NHS 111 for further advice and guidance.

Should you feel unwell during your visit to Redcar Racecourse and are experiencing typical symptoms of coronavirus (e.g. a fever, a cough, a shortness of breath, breathing difficulties), you are advised to seek immediate advice.

We will continue to take regular advice from UK Government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) regarding any safety precautions related to COVID-19. The situation will continue to be monitored, with the relevant health and safety precautions being exercised where appropriate to ensure our commitment to everybody’s safety whilst on Redcar Racecourse.

Please be advised that we have appropriate measures in place at Redcar Racecourse.

Hygiene practices, such as regularly washing hands especially before handling food or after every use of the toileting facilities and always sneezing into a tissue are the best way to prevent the spread of almost all germs, This includes the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and we ask all persons to please make frequent use of the washing facilities throughout the race day.

Redcar Racecourse discourage handshaking or other forms of physical greeting/contact at this time, and encourage alternative non-contact greetings. We ask that persons are not offended if others decline to accept standard greetings such as handshakes.

We have increased awareness and training of all our staff for personal preventative hygiene measures and from the qualified first aid staff present who may then refer you to the on course medical staff on duty if deemed necessary.

We will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis and keep racegoers and other attendees informed of any changes where appropriate, with the latest information available via the Redcar Racecourse Latest News section.

Racecourse Safety Manager

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