Owners & Trainers

Owners' and Trainers' are always given a warm welcome at Redcar Racecourse!



 Redcar Racecourse: Course & Track Details

Going Reports:

The dedicated telephone number for going reports is 07766 022 893.


For the latest weather update and forecast for Redcar Racecourse please click on the BBC or Metcheck logos beneath.
Redcar Racecourse:  BBC Weather link    Redcar Racecourse: Metcheck Weather Forecast



The helicopter landing position is located in the centre of the racecourse and is located by the clearly visible H marker.  Should you wish to arrive by helicopter please complete and return the helicopter landing request form to the Racecourse Office in advance of the race meeting.

Download Helicopter Request form   Helicopter H Marker Coordinates


Maps, Route Finder & SATNAVs:

For a detailed map of Redcar Racecourse and to plan your route for your day out at the racecourse please click on the Google Maps and RAC logos beneath. 

SATNAV - For direction by SATNAV please use postcode TS10 2FD which will bring you directly to the Owners & Trainers / Grandstand Enclosure car park at the Main Entrance off Redcar Lane.

Redcar Racecourse: Google Maps UK Logo      Redcar Racecourse: RAC logo

 Directions to Redcar Racecourse 

For further details please contact:

  • Stephen Berry, Track Manager                       07789 984 520
  • Amy Fair, Racecourse Manager                     01642 484 068 / 07825 334 381


Redcar Racecourse - Telephone icon 

For more information please call us on 

01642 484 068 or  contact us by email




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