The Big Fat Redcar Quiz

HOW much do you know about Redcar and the local area? For a bit of festive fun, test your knowledge in our Big Fat Redcar Quiz. 

SCORES: 20-25 - you're a Group 1 winner. 15-20 - you're a decent handicapper. 10-15 - you're a selling plater. 0-10 - you're a donkey.


  1. What year was the current Redcar Racecourse established?
    a) 1780 b) 1872 c) 1891 d) 1902


  1. Which Grand National-winning jockey rode his first winner at Redcar in a donkey derby?
    a) Graham Lee b) Brian Fletcher c) Richard Dunwoody d) Bob Champion


        3. Grandma Janice Wilson won the fancy-dress contest on Caribbean Carnival Day. What was her pirate name?
        a) Bloomers Dubloon b) Pantaloon Annie c) Long Joan Silver d) Swashbuckle Fatknickers


  1. Who was Redcar's Champion Jockey for 2019?
    a) Kevin Stott b) Joe Fanning c) Danny Tudhope d) Hollie Doyle


  1. Which trainer showed the biggest profit to a £1 stake at Redcar in 2019 with +£16.70?
    a) Tim Easterby b) Michael Dods c) David Barron d) Richard Fahey


  1. Joyce Dowding, 97, was guest of honour on Revival Day. Which wartime organisation did she serve?
    a)The NAAFI b) The French Resistance c) The Land Army d) The SAS


  1. Roger Saunders had his first winner when Dancin' Boy won at Redcar in May. What made him buy a racehorse?
    a) He’d been bitten by his greyhound b) He’d won the lottery c) His golf swing had gone to pot d) A bad back had put an end to gardening


  1. Kayleigh Imiela was this year's Best-Dressed Lady. Who did she say she'd always dreamed of being?
    a) A catwalk queen b) A Disney princess c) A lingerie model d) A bus driver


  1. James McCormick won the Oktoberfest fancy-dress? What was the 'fraulein' he was riding called?
    a) Michelle b) Samantha c) Veronica d) Gladys


  1. Sarah Jones won our Best Turned Out Series. Which trainer was she working for?
    a) Karl Burke b) Roger Fell c) Ruth Carr d) Mick Easterby


  1. Who won our first ever mascot race?
    a)  Vauxhall Griffin b) H’Angus The Monkey c) Pawsome The Panda d) Snowdrop The Hedgehog


  1. Who trained the winner of the 2019 Zetland Gold Cup?
    a) Mark Johnston b) William Haggas c) Mick Appleby d) Richard Fahey


  1. Who rode the winner of the 2019 Two-Year-Old Trophy?
    a) Danny Tudhope b) Paul Mulrennan c) Barry McHugh d) David Allan



  1. Who rode his 2,500th winner on Gin & Gents evening this year?
    a) Paul Mulrennan b) Franny Norton c) Joe Fanning d) Danny Tudhope


  1. Which soap star was among the Redcar crowd at Oktoberfest in 2019?
    a) Bill Roache (Ken Barlow in Coronation Street) b) Danny Dyer (Mick Carter in Eastenders) c) Jake Wood (Max Branning in Eastenders) d Emma Atkins (Charity Dingle in Emmerdale)


     16: In 1875, how much did Redcar's splendid new grandstand cost?
     a) £10,750 b) £102,250 c) £17,650 d) £2,650


  1.  Redcar won the Racegoers Club award for Best Small Racecourse in the North. Who won the award in the south?
    a) Taunton b) Wincanton c) Brighton d) Plumpton


  1. Redcar has the oldest surviving lifeboat. When was The Zetland first stationed in the town?
    a) 1902 b) 1802 c) 1702 d) 1602


  1. Redcar takes part of its name from the Old Scandinavian word Kjarr. What does it mean?
    a) Sea b) Horse c) Marsh d) Motor vehicle


  1. What is Redcar's twin town?
    a) Trondeim b) Troisdorf c) Tripoli d) Trumpton


  1.  After his horse Wahoo won at Redcar in August, what did Andy Turton celebrate with?
    a) Kebab b) Vindaloo c) Fish pie d) Massage


  1. Grace Chapman won our Easter Racecard competition. What was riding a horse in the picture she coloured in?
    a) A fluffy bunny b) A spotty egg c) A chocolate duck d) A smiling sausage


  1. What environmentally-friendly product is Dave Metcalfe producing at Redcar Racecourse?
    a) Free-range eggs b) Honey c) Sunflower oil d) Manure


  1.  Who trained the winner of the 2019 Straight Mile Series?
    a) John Quinn b) Jedd O’Keefe c) Tim Easterby d) James Bethell


  1. Which legendary racehorse made a winning debut at Redcar in 1993?
    a) Desert Orchid b) Double Trigger c) Badsworth Boy d) Sea Pigeon


1 1872; 2 Bob Champion; 3 Swashbuckle Fatknickers; 4 Danny Tudhope;  5 David Barron; 6 The NAAFI; 7 His golf swing had gone to pot; 8 A Disney princess; 9 Veronica; 10 Roger Fell; 11 Vauxhall Griffin; 12 William Haggas; 13 Barry McHugh; 14 Joe Fanning; 15 Jake Wood; 16 £2,650; 17 Wincanton; 18 1802; 19 Marsh; 20 Troisdorf; 21 Fish pie; 22 A spotty egg; 23 Honey; 24 Tim Easterby; 25 Double Trigger

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