Owners & Trainers
Owners & Trainers

Owners’ and Trainers’ are always given a warm welcome at Redcar Racecourse!


Preparations are now underway to welcome owners back, safely, with effect from our race meeting on Monday 27th July.

We would like to thank all owners for their incredible support of racing ‘Behind Closed Doors’ over the past few weeks and look forward to hosting owners later this month.

In the meantime all of our thoughts remain with those grieving and suffering as a result of COVID-19 and we offer a sincere thanks to the country’s incredible NHS staff, key workers and volunteers for their selfless dedication and hard work at this continuing time of national challenge.


FAQ’s – Owners returning to racecourses

Q.        When will all racecourses allow owners to attend?

A.         Racehorse owners in Britain will be able to start attending selected race meetings behind closed doors from Saturday 4 July in a safe and risk-managed way. Redcar Racecourse will commence host owners with effect from the fixture on Monday 27th July, 2020.

The protocols only apply to racecourses in England at this stage, but British racing continues to engage with the Scottish and Welsh Governments on the return of owners to the racecourse for behind closed doors fixtures.  


Prior to arrival at the racecourse:

Q.        What do all owners need to do before they arrive at the racecourse?

A.        There is a 4 step process for Owners gaining access to watch their horse run on a raceday:

  • Step 1: All owners must ensure that they have read and understood the Owners Protocols, together with the relevant sections of the British Horseracing Authority’s (BHA) Guidelines and operating procedures  for behind closed doors racing, particularly Sections A and B. The Owners Protocols will be updated periodically, in line with changes to government guidance around COVID-19 and the return of sport.
  • Step 2: Complete an online education module – Covid-19 information for participants of the racing industry – prior to raceday. This is hosted on the Racing2Learn website.
  • Step 3: Complete the health screening questionnaire prior to attending the racecourse – section 7 of the Owners Protocols
  • Step 4: All owners attending must have pre-registered the two individuals who will attend the racecourse, please log into PASS https://www.rcapass.com/


Q.        How do I register that I will be attending on raceday?

A.        As above Step 4 to register your attendees, please log into PASS https://www.rcapass.com/ and submit the names of the individuals who will attend the racecourse. As explained above, all names must be submitted by 4pm the day before the fixture.  Changes after that time will not be possible.


Q.        What if I am a member of a syndicate?

A.         For syndicates and racing clubs, it will be the responsibility of the syndicator/club manager to submit the names of those individuals attending the fixture. It is recommended that the syndicator attends as one of the allocated persons to help ensure the remaining syndicate members are kept updated. For more information on filming at racecourses please refer to: https://www.roa.co.uk/raceday/racing.html


Q.        How do I access the PASS system?

A.        Please visit https://www.rcapass.com or contact the PASS Helpdesk on 01933 270333.


Q.        I am an international owner without access to PASS, how do I register my attendance?

A.        Internationally based owners who are not registered in the UK, should contact the racecourse directly to register attendance. This should be completed by 4pm the day before the fixture.  For Racing Managers who require assistance registering attendance on behalf of owners please contact the PASS helpdesk.


Q.        How many passes can I get?

A.        The return of owners to the racecourse will be a phased process, this includes limiting attendance to 2 owners per horse in the early stages.


Q.         Can children attend the racecourse? 

A.         Children can attend as 1 of the 2 nominated partners if pre-registered to attend.  All children attending will undergo the entry screening process as standard.   


Q.        I’ve got an entry/declared runner, but I haven’t received an email?

A.        Please contact the PASS Helpdesk on 01933 270333 and the team can assist you further.


Arrival at the racecourse:

Q.        Where do I park?

A.        The Owners ' car park and entrance is located in the Course Enclosure, off West Dyke Road.  The postcode for SatNavs is TS10 4HJ. 

Please DO NOT try to access the racecourse via the Main Entrance off Redcar Lane as you usually would.  If you arrive at the wrong entrance you will not gain access to the racecourse and you will be given directions to the Owners' Entrance at the Course Enclosure. 

On arrival at the Course Enclosure please follow the directional signage to the Owners' car park and entrance.


Q.        What do I need to bring with me on raceday?

A.        Please make sure you arrive at the racecourse with your: 

  • Photographic ID (a copy on your phone is acceptable) – you will require this to gain entry to the racecourse. 
  • Your RCA PASScard - if you have been allocated one as a registered owner. 

            You may also wish to consider bringing your own alcohol-based hand sanitiser and a face covering. 


Q.        What will happen if I arrive and my name is not on the list?

A.        The racecourse staff will be able to assist you on the day, however, please be prepared to assist the team by stepping away from the designated entrance to enable other owners to continue safely whilst the team and yourselves resolve the matter.  You may be required to contact the PASS Helpdesk on 01933 270333 to enable your details to be updated to the raceday list.


Q.        What if my horse is a non-runner on the day?

A.        Only owners who have registered their attendance using the RCA’s PASS system should travel to the racecourse. If a horse is declared a non-runner the attached owners should also not attend the fixture. 


Q.        What will happen when I arrive at the racecourse?

A.        Step 1: On arrival at the racecourse you will be asked for your details and valid ID.

            Step 2: You will be asked a series of three questions relating to your current health on the day

            Step 3: A temperature check will be taken. Your temperature will be taken twice in quick succession, with the lower reading recorded.


Q.        What will happen if I fail the temperature check when I arrive?

A.        Your temperature will be taken twice in quick succession, with the lower reading recorded. If on both occasions this temperature exceeds 37.8°C, owners will not be granted access to the racecourse and will be advised to travel home.  

Owners are reminded that if any member of the same vehicle fails to clear the entry screening process all those travelling together will be denied entry onto the racecourse.


Q.        I failed my temperature test when I arrived at the racecourse and couldn’t attend – when can I next visit a racecourse with a declared runner?

A.        Any individual that fails the on-course screening will be required to either:

  •  provide evidence of a negative Covid-19 test, which can be booked on the NHS website
  •  or complete a minimum of 7 days of isolation depending on advice received from NHS.




On the racecourse:

Q.        What areas of the racecourse will I be able to access?

A.        Owners on course will have access to a dedicated ‘Owners Zone’, which is located around the Paddock Suite. The Paddock Suite Bar on the ground floor has views over the course, and  the balconies on the first floor overlook the parade ring, track and have a distant view of the Winners’ Enclosure.  The Paddock Suite has internal toilet facilities. 

There is also a trackside viewing area directly outside the Paddock Suite secured by crowd barriers.  

Please note, the area that would normally be used as the Owners & Trainers Bar is NOT in use.

BHA instructions are that Owners are unfortunately not able to access to the Parade Ring. However Paddock Suite balcony overlooks the Parade Ring  and there is a designated  ‘debrief’ area between the Paddock Suite and Parade Ring.


Q.        Why can owners and raceday workers not interact on raceday?

A.        To mitigate the risk of the transmitting COVID-19, owners on course will have access to a dedicated owner zone based around the Paddock Suite, which is separated from raceday workers (trainers, stable staff, jockeys, officials, media etc.). For infection control purposes, no movement will be permitted between the two areas of the racecourse.

This approach, supported by government, also means that there would be currently no need to revise other elements of the screening program such as by introducing laboratory testing for all racecourse attendees. 


Q.        How long can I stay on the course after my horse has run?

A.        Owners are requested to arrive at the racecourse no more 45 minutes before their first horse is due to run and leave the racecourse within an hour of the final race in which they have a confirmed runner. 


Q.        Will there be food and drink available on the day?

A.        In line with UK Government stage 3 guidance we are unable to provide the normal buffet lunch for Owners. However pre-packaged sandwiches and cakes, as well as  tea, coffee and water will be served free of charge throughout the day from the Paddock Suite Bar.  Please note that no alcohol will be served on site, but bottled water will be made available. 


Q.        Will there be presentations on the racecourse?

A.        Not at this stage of the proposal, therefore the current arrangements for distributing prizes to the winning and placed connections will continue unchanged.


Q.        Do I have to wear PPE/Facemasks?

A.        At present, in line with Government Guidance, face coverings are not mandatory for owners on racecourses as 2 metre Social Distancing will be possible.



Leaving the racecourse:

Q.        Do I have to leave the racecourse after my horse has raced?

A.        Following the conclusion of your race(s), owners are asked to leave the racecourse within an hour to allow for all owners to be accommodated. A one-way system is in place, so owners can return to their vehicle without crossing paths with others and hand hygiene stations will be provided on exit.  Upon leaving the racecourse, wristbands for the raceday should be removed by the owner and disposed of by racecourse staff. Wristbands cannot be retained for future use.


Q.        How long will owners be limited to 2 racing connections attending the racecourse?

A.        These temporary measures will be eased gradually in line with government guidance for sports venues and public health requirements. 


Q.        Who do I call if I have a query?

A.        If owners have any questions about PASS, they should contact the PASS Helpdesk on 01933 270333 and for all other queries should contact the ROA on 01183 385680. 


We thank you for your assistance in advance by supporting the measures in place.  As you will appreciate this is an evolving landscape and hopefully as cases continue to fall, we can look forward to a more integrated raceday experience, which we would like to achieve at the earliest opportunity.  

To assist us with developing our protocols and support please do ensure any feedback following your return to racing is provided by email to the ROA info@roa.co.uk.

Going Reports

The dedicated telephone number for going reports is 07766 022 893.  Regular going reports are posted on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER social media profiles.

For the latest weather update and forecast for Redcar Racecourse please click on the BBC or Metcheck logos beneath.
Redcar Racecourse:  BBC Weather link    Redcar Racecourse: Metcheck Weather Forecast

Course Details

A left-handed, oval track which is approximately a mile and three quarters in extent.

Races between six furlongs and one mile are run on the straight track. The course is perfectly flat, and with the exception of its two sharp bends, provides a very fair test. The course drains well, and when conditions are riding fast, it can sometimes be difficult to make up ground from off the pace.

Redcar Racecourse offers around 18 days of horseracing from April to November. Redcar Racecourse is steeped in history and can trace its beginnings back to the early part of 18th Century, when racing was staged on Redcar beach. The racecourse as we now know it was established in 1872, and the racecourse is proud to be located in the heart of Redcar.

Highlights of the racing season include the Racing UK Zetland Gold Cup run on the last Bank Holiday Monday in May, and the Two-Year-Old Trophy, the Listed Guisborough Stakes, and the final of the Straight Mile Challenge Series in October.


Owners’ & Trainers’ Facilities

Located on the 2nd floor of the Petch Stand the Owners’ & Trainers’ Lounge, race viewing box, and Classic Suite are the main facilities for owners with runners on the day. 

A complimentary light meal for owners with runners on the day is served until 3pm in the Classic Suite Dining Room, and complimentary tea and coffee is served all day.  Each horse running has an allocation of 6 complimentary meals.  Additional meal vouchers are available to purchase at the rate of £12 per voucher.   Meal vouchers are not available for owners & trainers with no runners on the day, or to members of the general public.

In addition, the Paddock Suite Bar is shared between Owners & Trainers and Annual Badge Holders. 

There is no formal dress code at Redcar although racegoers are encouraged to wear smart, casual clothing.



The Crow’s Nest Restaurant is a terraced viewing restaurant overlooking the racecourse offering a package of 3 course lunch, afternoon tea and a table for the day.  To enquire about this package or to make a booking please call 01642 484 068.
In the Voltigeur Restaurant we have a special “2 courses for £14.45” menu running throughout the season alongside the standard a la carte menu.
  • To book your package in the Crow’s Nest Restaurant please call 01642 484 068.
  • To book your table in the Voltigeur Restaurant please call 0113 2876 387.
We hope that you will enjoy dining in our restaurants. 

Trackside Viewing

The dedicated Owners' & Trainers' viewing area is located on the steppings directly opposite the Finishing Post, next to the Zetland Bar.  Additional track viewing is available in the form of the track side viewing box on the 2nd floor of the Petch Stand, next door to the Owners' & Trainers' Lounge and Classic Suite Dining Room.


There is plenty of free parking in the Main Car Park (SatNav postcode TS10 2FD) which is all on tarmac, and a short distance from the Owners' & Trainers' Entrance.  Dedicated parking spaces are allocated for Owners and Trainers with runners on the day.


Many of the buildings at Redcar Racecouse date back to the 1960s and some areas of which were designed and built without considering the needs of disabled visitors.

Disabled access is generally good with access to all Owners' and Trainers' facilities, good views of the racing from the Grandstand Enclosure, with a raised viewing ramp overlooking the track and the parade ring in the Grandstand Enclosure.

All of the Owners facilities can be accessed by wheelchair.  The Owners' & Trainers' Lounge, Classic Suite Dining Room, and Petch Stand trackside viewing box can be accessed via the lift located at the Owners & Trainers end of the Petch Stand.  The Paddock Suite can be accessed via the disabled ramp.  The Weighing Room and Racecourse Office are also accessible via a disabled ramp.

In the Grandstand Enclosure there is a great deal of tarmac and paths aiding movement around the racecourse.  

There is a forward blue badge parking area in the Grandstand Enclosure where a limited number of spaces are availble on a first come first served basis.

Badge Allocation

Redcar Racecourse now operates the new RCA PASS card scheme.

Horses that are declared to run will receive 6 complimentary Owners & Trainers badges per horse for use on the day. 

Additional Owners’ badges, up to 14 in total, can be purchased at half price (Premier Day - £8.50 / Regular Day - £7.00) and this should be arranged prior to your arrival at the course. 

Owners can make any necessary arrangements for their badges by using the new PASS card concierge service at https://www.rcapass.com  or email info@redcarracing.co.uk

When you collect your daily Owners’ badges you will be given your complimentary racecards and 6 vouchers per horse for a complimentary light meal served in the Classic Suite, which is located adjacent to the Owners’ & Trainers’ Lounge on the 2nd floor of the Petch Stand.  Additional meal vouchers are available to purchase at the rate of £12 per voucher.

On racedays our Owners’ & Trainers’ Desk is managed by Elissa Cummings and Rachel Blizzard.  Elissa and Rachel undertake a similar role at the majority of the Yorkshire courses and so will be familiar faces.

Winning Connections

The Racecourse Chairman invites all winning owners and placed connections for a celebratory glass of champagne along with an opportunity to review the race.

One copy of the race recorded onto a USB will be given to the winning connections, and a complimentary mounted photograph will be provided on the day, or forwarded to the Trainer's yard at a later date if the Owners are not present on the day.

Racing Photographer

The official Racing Photographer is Mr Tony Knapton of Pro-Shot Photography. 

Should you wish to make arrangements for any photography prior to your visit or order some photographs of your runner at Redcar he can be contacted as follows:

Race Recordings - USB / DVDs

If your horse is a winner you will be presented with a copy of the race on a USB stick and given a celebratory drink whilst you review your success!   

Recordings of the race are just £10 for a USB or £5 for a DVD and can be obtained by contacting Caroline in the Racecourse Office on 01642 484 068 or email info@redcarracing.co.uk

Stabling & Hostel

We have 138 stables providing paper or shaving bedding.  Stables are allocated on arrival.

The stables entrance is located off West Dyke Road, next to the Tesco Petrol Station.  The stables' postcode for SATNAVS is

Overnight stabling and accommodation is available by prior arrangement.  Please download and complete the Overnight Stabling & Accommodation Form.  This form must be sent to Redcar Racecourse by 1pm on the day before the race meeting.  Fax 01642 488 272 or email info@redcarracing.co.uk

Stable staff are accommodated overnight within the on-site Stable Lads Hostel which is located next door to the stable yard and has 92 beds in total based on 4 beds per room.  Please be aware for busy race meetings staff may be required to share with other members of staff from the same yard, with a maximum of 2 people per room. 

Redcar Racecourse is unable to accommodate staff under 18 years old due to shared rooms and washing faciliites.

The Stable Lad's Hostel Cafe is under the management of Wendy Scott.  Stable staff are offered a wide range of meal options, from healthy salads to roast meals, and home made cakes.

For stabling and accommodation enquiries please telephone:

Enclosure Plan

Click on the Enclosure Plan image beneath to view a larger version.

The Horse Comes First

Leading organisations in British Horseracing are working together to raise awareness of the high levels of equine welfare in the sport.

The Horse Comes First initiative aims to improve understanding of the care given to our horses throughout and after their careers in racing.


The campaign is supported by the British Horseracing Authority, the Racecourse Association, Racehorse Owners Association, the Professional Jockeys Association, the National Trainers Federation, The Jockey Club, the National Association of Stable Staff and Arena Racing Company.

Visit the Horse Comes First site for more information about the excellent work that is done every single day of the year to ensure that racehorses are well cared for.

Local Accommodation

From luxurious country house retreats to the friendly guesthouse...

Redcar Racecourse is in the heart of the Tees Valley which offers a huge choice of accommodation to suit all pockets and tastes. Exceeding all expectations - you can be sure of a warm welcome, with excellent service, facilities and good food.

The this is Redcar & Cleveland website online search facility will guide you to your perfect place to stay whilst visiting the area.  Click on the logo beneath to find out more.....

this is Redcar & Cleveland


I just wanted to congratulation you on the new and improved facilities that you have created at Redcar.  As the racing manager for Grange Park Racing, all my syndicate members are looking for is a nice dedicated area where they can relax & enjoy a light meal & refreshments.  With your new dining area they can now do this in comfort, enjoying a choice of a hot meal, cold salad or a sandwich, and if they just want a drink they can relax in the bar area. It was also a pleasure when we had a placed horse to be invited in with the winning connections to watch the re-run witha  glass of complimentary champagne.  Well done, all racecourses should follow your example.

Alan Crombie, Grange Park Racing
I'm emailing in response to my horse, Penny Pot Lane, running at Redcar on Tuesday.  Although I may be slightly biased as Penny won on the day I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was very impressed with the course. It was my first visit as an owner for a couple of years and was very pleased to see you'd both extended the size and range of the hospitality afforded to owners. We enjoyed our meal and a moment to relax in ample surroundings prior to the race after a long journey.  This is very important to owners and I'm pleased this has been improved upon.  Otherwise everyone at the course were incredibly friendly and helpful, the course looked a picture for the time of year, and the hospitality offered to winning connections was excellent.  I look forward to having a runner at the course again!​
Tony Melville

We had a super day at Redcar where our horse was running in the last race of the day.  The owners and trainers facilities are excellent, the staff are friendly, efficient and professional.  The weather was great, our horse came second and we were kindly invited to join the winning connections for a celebratory drink afterwards.  A perfect end to a perfect day.

Sandra and Derek Shewring

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