Today's meeting falls within National Gardening Week and our award-winning gardening team have again risen to the occasion.

Head Gardener Lee Sweeney joined us straight from West Redcar School and loves his job.

"I've always been interested in gardening - I just like being outdoors and working with nature," says Lee, who  is part of a team managed by highly-respected Track Manager Stephen Berry.

During the winter, Redcar's flower beds are filled with pansies because they are hardy plants that do well in colder temperatures.

After the May Bank Holiday meeting, the pansies will be replaced by 8,000 double begonias.

"We like to use double begonias because they have beautiful blooms and make the course look attractive," says Stephen.

And the green-fingered team are clearly appreciated because Redcar has won a gold medal in the sports stadia category of the Northumbria In Bloom Awards for the past two years.

A couple of topical tips today for National Garden Week...The Thorny Rose and Raspberry run in the 2.25.

We hope you have a blooming good day!

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