Covid-19 Update - Return of crowds

*The information below is correct at 5pm on Friday 5th March 2021 and will be updated as and when further information is available and/or updated advice is received.*

Race Meetings Behind Closed Doors

We a busy counting down to the start of the season and the pandemic continues to interrupt the ‘usual’ format of racedays across the country. However, following the Government’s announcement of a ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown, we hope that we may see a return to something closer to normality later in the season.

We do know, however, that race meetings at Redcar during April 2021 will be behind closed doors with no general admittance to the public until after May 17th at the earliest.

When racegoers are initially able to return in limited numbers (hopefully from May onwards), a ‘revised’ Grandstand Enclosure will be restricted to the Petch Stand and concourse area with trackside race viewing. The Course Enclosure facilities are largely unaffected, however the access process will be different due to the location of the Stables Green Zone testing area.

The Government ‘roadmap’ suggests that we may see a return to welcoming back larger crowds from June 21st onwards. However, the Government were keen to stress that this date was not guaranteed and was simply a guideline for the earliest possible relaxation on any legal limits on social contact. We very much hope that our race meetings from July onwards will see a return to pre-pandemic conditions.

Redcar Racecourse will continue to follow advice from World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health England.


When will the first meeting at Redcar take place that the public can attend?

Under the current ‘roadmap’, we hope that we may be able to see (limited) numbers of spectators returning to Redcar for our meeting on Monday 17th May AT THE EARLIEST.


When will tickets & hospitality go on sale?

We are continuing to plan with the health and safety of all participants and spectators as our highest priority.

With different scenarios of racing behind closed doors, racing with limited spectators and racing with larger crowds likely at different stages of the season, we need to proceed with caution and have a fluid approach knowing that the dates for each scenario are the earliest possible and could be delayed.

We hope to have a limited number of tickets for race meetings from May onwards available from the middle of April.

Please keep an eye out for any updates on our website and social media channels, or sign up to our newsletter .

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to Redcar Racecourse, but only once it is safe for you to visit.


What will happen if I’m an annual badge holder?

All Annual Badge Holders will be contacted shortly with the details for this season.


Non raceday conferences and events

We will not be holding any non raceday events or conferences until further notice.


General Enquires

If you have any further questions please contact us on: 01642 484 068 or email us at:


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